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5 Reasons Why Health Care Needs to Automate

Published: June 29, 2017

In health care, every second matters. Critical illnesses and life-threatening emergencies don’t offer much time for approvals forms to be signed or physician timesheets to be filled out. That’s why health care providers need a solution to quickly and securely store physician and operations data, so they can focus on improving patient care—and that solution is document automation. Unfortunately, due to incredible amounts of inefficiency in these environments, the full potential of these talented teams are often not realized. Paperwork and documentation are too often the limits of advanced facilities. Fortunately, with the digital revolution, a majority of these inefficiencies can be solved via document automation. Though there are many arguments for why the health care industry should automate, here are five major reasons why you should implement:

Store Operational Document Templates in a Central Hub

Document automation systems provide a centralized location to store all important master document templates. These templates can include purchase orders, vendor contracts, physician agreements, credentialing documents, time sheets, and whichever forms your health care organization needs to be successful. Instead of relying on hard copy documents—which is susceptible to damage or misplacement— go digital. By doing so, you can securely store and access all of your important contract and document templates while ensuring that everyone is using the correct, most updated form.

Deliver Documents Worry-Free

Document automation enables you to get more done and worry less. For example, you can use custom forms that allows you to send purchase orders to your supervisor for approval with the click of a button. No emails. No trips to their office. No mailboxes. Just a tap on a tablet or a click of a computer mouse through an easy user interface. The hassle-free delivery of forms allows your employees to spend less time on creating workflows for procedures like physician credentialing and frees up time for physicians to see more patients and save more lives.

Create Custom Fillable Forms

Forms are an excellent way to keep track of information. By maintaining regularly updated, standardized health care operations forms, facilities can quickly and efficiently access the information it needs to serve their employees. However, paper forms can get lost and damaged. That’s why it’s time to embrace digital. Digital forms are simple and reliable. By utilizing document automation software, you can create custom, fillable forms within your platform and ensure that all of your organization’s information is consistent. You can also guarantee that all information is stored in the same location, but can easily—and securely—be accessed from anywhere and on any device.

Monitor Project Progress Easily

With workflow automation, project management and monitoring has never been easier. You can access all the information and documents you need, all in one place—no extra information systems or inefficient paper filing necessary. Not only can you store everything in one central hub, you can also access it from anywhere in the hospital—or world, for that matter. Additionally, document automation allows you to easily set and communicate due dates and monitor progress of all your projects and/or tasks. This means you’ll know exactly who has documents and when they complete sign-offs.

Reduce Waste and Costs

In addition to all of the benefits listed above, automation saves money. By reducing time wasted on paperwork, you can give your employees more time to do what they were trained to do: Provide great health care. According to the EPA, the average office worker creates approximately two pounds of paper and paperboard products every day—that’s thousands of spending dollars allotted to just paper and ink alone. By reducing physical paperwork, you no longer have to purchase ludicrous amounts of toner or cases of printer paper. Save your facility or hospital time, money, and countless operational headaches by embracing automation’s powerful administrative capabilities. Health care is ridiculously complex. Why make it harder than it has to be? Document automation simplifies your entire process—and life. Modern hospitals, healthcare facilities, surgery centers, and physician’s offices are equipped with some of the most advanced technology on earth, it’s about time for their document management systems to catch up. Discover workflow tools that will help you streamline.