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Travel Request Form

Are travel requests slowing you down? This reusable travel request form template collects info from employees and routes requests to the proper parties, making it easy to automate and save your team time.

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Free Travel Request Form Template For Streamlining Employee Requests

It’s time to simplify travel request forms. With this Docubee template, you can take the entire thing digital to save your employees precious time. 

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  • Fillable fields
  • Automated email routing
  • Digital signatures
  • Document storage
  • Full customization
  • Digital document access

When to Use Travel Request Forms

Travel request forms allow employees to request approval for business travel, without the hassle of paper forms. Taking the process digital with Docubee ensures employees have access to their employee forms in a centralized location while making it easy for managers to review and approve time off.

See Our Travel Request Form Sample In Action

This video shows an example of the Travel Request Form Template in action. By watching this quick Travel Request Form Template video, you’ll see what it looks like for employees who will be submitting a form. Remember that all fields and inputs can be customized to fit your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a travel request form is easy. Sign up for a free trial of Docubee and launch the travel request form template. You can update all fields and customize for your business.

Important fields to include in a business travel request email include:
  1. Your name and employee email
  2. The purpose of your trip explained in detail
  3. A requested budget and/or predicted travel costs
  4. Date of travel and return
  5. Any additional information your boss should know

A travel request (TRA) form is a document filled by an employee and submitted to their manager to request necessary business travel and budget.

A travel authorization form allows employees to request authorization for business travel. When filling out a travel authorization form, be sure to include as much information as possible to ensure quick review and approval.

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