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Collect information to use in contracts and agreements.

Create contracts swiftly through templates, AI, or create and edit your own.

Route contracts seamlessly for editing, review, and approval.

Easily work with internal and external participants to edit and redline contracts in real-time

Capture secure, compliant, and legally binding signatures on any device.

Connect to the systems you use daily, or build into your application with our APIs.

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Docubee's Zapier Integration

Quit bouncing from system to system to complete a simple task. Share information and documents between Docubee (formerly OnTask) and thousands of apps, CRMs, and HRIS systems using the Zapier integration.

Zapier App Integrations

Our Zapier integrations make it possible to connect with thousands of your favorite apps.

How Docubee's Zapier Integration Works

Zapier’s integration requires no code, and is easy to set up. All you have to do is create a free Zapier account and connect it to Docubee. Our library of existing Zapier integrations can help you get started, or you can create your own.

Zapier x Docubee Benefits

Make your workday a whole lot easier with Zapier and Docubee .

Connect to Thousands of Apps

Connect Docubee  to the apps you use every day to easily share forms, signatures, and documents.

Streamline Your Processes

Automate essential tasks with Zapier workflows that gather data from multiple sources to trigger Docubee  actions.

Reduce Errors

Collect and share data a single time across your workflow, eliminating the need for copy and pasting or manually entering information.

Enhanced Flexibility

Integrate Docubee into a variety of business operations with a few easy clicks. No customized coding required.

Put workflows to work for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a workflow automation tool that connects multiple web applications so they can share information without requiring customized integrations.

How does the Zapier integration work?

Multiple applications can be connected to Docubee through Zapier workflows. When an important event occurs in one solution, such as the creation of a new lead or contract, hiring a new employee, or the submission of an IT ticket, Zapier triggers the appropriate Docubee process and imports the relevant information. The process can also work in reverse, with the completion of a new Docubee form, document, or signature sending data to a connected solution via Zapier.  Workflows can also send data back and forth between multiple apps within a single workflow. For example, a third-party app in a Zapier workflow can send data to Docubee to start a new Docubee workflow, which can then send data to another third-party app connected to Zapier.

How can I set up my Zapier integration?

Use this step-by-step integration guide to get set up.

What apps can you connect to with Docubee’s Zapier integration?

Docubee’s Zapier integration allows you to connect with thousands of different app and CRMs.