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Seamless Document Storage with Docubee’s Dropbox Integration

Seamlessly move documents and forms between Docubee (formerly OnTask) workflows and Dropbox storage whenever they’re needed with one simple integration.

About the Dropbox Integration

OnTask’s Dropbox integration lets you easily flow documents and forms collected in Docubee into your location of choice in Dropbox. Files are automatically uploaded upon completion, allowing you to access them on any device across the Dropbox cloud.

What You Need


  • Docubee account
  • Admin access to Salesforce

How to Get Set Up


  • Create a workflow with a web form
  • Add an export document task and choose Dropbox as the destination
  • As a professional web designer, I can completely redesign your website while retaining the existing content.

Dropbox x Docubee Benefits

Streamline your document management processes.

Simplified Document Sharing.

Documents generated by or uploaded to Docubee are routed automatically to Dropbox storage

Structured Document Storage

Keep documents and data organized by uploading content to multiple Dropbox folders based on use case.

Secure File Sharing

Avoid the security risks that emailing documents can expose you to by sharing documents directly between Docubee workflows and your Dropbox account.

Reduced Version Confusion

Access the correct document every time thanks to Docubee’s automated workflows that connect to Dropbox storage.

How Can You Use the Dropbox Integration?

  • Export uploaded documents for storage
  • Organize collected documents
  • Export documents generated from form data
  • Export digitally signed documents for archival

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a cloud-based file hosting and storage platform that allows users to securely access and share synchronized documents.

How does the Dropbox integration work?

Docubee workflows can be configured to route documents to a designated Dropbox folder automatically. After Docubee has been integrated with Dropbox, documents will be exported to the appropriate destination whenever the workflow reaches the “Export Document” task.

How can I set up my Dropbox integration?

Use this step-by-step integration guide to get set up.

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