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Collect information to use in contracts and agreements.

Create contracts swiftly through templates, AI, or create and edit your own.

Route contracts seamlessly for editing, review, and approval.

Easily work with internal and external participants to edit and redline contracts in real-time

Capture secure, compliant, and legally binding signatures on any device.

Connect to the systems you use daily, or build into your application with our APIs.

Docusign Alternatives: Docubee

Compare Docubee & Docusign Features

When searching for a comprehensive eSignature and contract management platform, many default to familiar names (like Docusign) without exploring alternatives with the potential to offer better functionality, pricing, and support.

Docubee stands out as a robust and intuitive solution designed to meet the specific needs of modern businesses, focusing on enhanced customization, functionality, and unparalleled customer support.

Docubee eSignature Key Features

Docubee offers distinct benefits and innovative features designed to enhance every aspect of your document workflow. Explore the key features that set Docubee apart in the marketplace:

Workflows with Conditional Logic

Docubee stands out as a robust and intuitive solution designed to meet the specific needs of modern businesses, focusing on enhanced customization, functionality, and unparalleled customer support.

More Envelope Sends

Docusign’s entry-level eSignature package includes only 5 envelope sends per month. Envelope overages from Docusign lead to fees. Docubee’s Sign and Contract Essential plans offer 200 envelope sends per year, and unlimited envelope sends under the Contract Pro and Enterprise plans.

White-Label & Customization Capabilities

Unlike some solutions that only permit basic document branding, Docubee offers a comprehensive white-label option. Customers can fully integrate Docubee functionalities into their existing applications while maintaining their own branding throughout the user experience. This is not a feature currently offered by Docusign.

We believe in empowering your workflow without boundaries. With Docubee, you can ensure that your document handling and signature processes are as dynamic and expansive as your business ambitions. Docubee is built to grow alongside your business.

Docusign vs. Docubee Price Comparison

eSignature Plan Options

At a glance:

Docusign offers 3 self-service plans, Enterprise, Enterprise for Real Estate, and API Pricing

Docusign offers 3 self-service eSignature tiers starting at $10/month billed annually. Their starter plan offers 5 envelopes per month.

“There are hidden fees for features like advanced security and integrations, which can quickly add up.”

They also offer customizable Enterprise Sign plans, Enterprise eSignature for real estate plans, and a Developer API plan which allows users to embed Docusign functionality into their native platforms. These plans require users to contact sales to determine pricing.

eSignature Plan Options

At a glance:

Docubee offers 3 self-service plans, Enterprise, and API Pricing

Docubee pricing also offers 3 self service plans. The entry-level option, Docubee Sign, starts at $9.95/month, per user billed annually. Additionally, Docubee offers a customizable enterprise plan as well as API options.

“The pricing is unbeatable compared to some competitors. Docubee is also integrated with our case management software which makes it easy to use.”

Docubee’s Contract Essentials and Pro plans include contract automation essentials for more robust editing, workflows, and signing capabilities. Docubee also offers customizable Enterprise and API plans that allow you to embed Docubee functionality into your native platforms. These plans require users to contact sales to determine pricing.

The Verdict on Pricing

Docubee:  Transparent, per-user pricing with no hidden fees.


Docusign: Users often report complex pricing structures, unexpected costs, and hidden charges.


The verdict: Both eSignature tools offer similar per-user pricing. However, Docubee’s plans include automation and contract features and offer unlimited sends, while Docusign’s plans come with predefined envelope limits.

Docusign customers voice concerns about hidden fees and surprise increases upon contract renewal. Docubee offers transparent pricing to ensure no hidden charges are incurred.

What Customers Say About Docusign vs. Docubee

What Customers Say About Docubee

What People Love About Docubee:

“The greatest upside to Docubee is its user accessibility, not only for our clients but also for our less-than-tech-wise managers. Integrating this platform into our selling took less than an hour of training and we now use this on a daily basis.”

“Docubee has helped streamline processes for our HR department. We’ve even been able to assist other departments with the help of Docubee. Creating custom workflows and sending documents have been made simple thanks to Docubee.”

“I don’t typically respond to new vendor inquiries I receive. However, I’m so glad I did! They cut the price in half and the signee experience is better! This platform is very easy to navigate and the support personnel are friendly and responsive. The option to have a Docubee account manager set-up the form was a bonus.”

What Could be Improved:

“It would be great if Docubee added more processes aside from workflows and document signing.”

“The workflow section can be intimidating and confusing.”

“It can be difficult to set up complex workflows but the [Docubee] team is always available to help and very responsive.”

What Customers Say About Docusign

What People Love About Docusign:

“​​I really love how convenient it is. I enjoy being able to add multiple people to sign a document. I really like how I am able to resend the document, if needed. I like how all notifications or updates to a document come to your email…especially when a person has only viewed, but not yet signed something.”

“Docusign stands out for its practical approach. Getting rid of paper saves time and makes it easier to send, sign, and save papers. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface and solid security make it a secure and easily accessible choice.”

“Fast and reliable signature software. Can prepare and send documents/contracts for others to sign and place ‘sign here’ tab to make signing easy and efficient. It definitely eliminates the hassle of having to print, sign and then scan and return a document. “

What Could be Improved:

“Customer Service was very slow to respond and often found that our help tickets expired before we got any kind of response. Account manager contact was the same in response time and we even paid extra for the premier support.”

“Docusign forces a service plan on you for a significant additional charge. Despite the hefty upcharge it’s difficult to immediately get a response via email/chat from their service team.”

“Their customer service was worthless and basically took the position of “Go find someone better!” So I did.”

The Verdict: Docusign vs. Docubee

Docusign users enjoy the signing functionality that the platform offers, but many report issues with customer support and non-responsiveness, regardless of their subscription level. Additionally, many feel the bulk send and download feature, as well as platform downtime, need improvement.


Docubee customers enjoy the hands-on support they get from the team, the value they receive for their money, as well as the signing and workflow functionality of the tool. While some users mention complications in using Docubee when getting started, they report working with the support team resolves these issues.

Overall: Based on reviews from sites like SourceForge and G2, Docubee and Docusign can stack up well in terms of functionality. However, Docubee shines with its attentive customer service and no-hidden-fee pricing.

Digitize Your Contract Management, Switch to Docubee

Your eSignature needs are unique, and the support you receive should help your business thrive. If you’re looking to make the switch from Docusign to Docubee, contact us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Additional Functionalities Offered by Docubee?

Docubee offers unique features that are not typically available to competitors such as Docusign. These enhancements include document branding, custom workflow templates, and advanced contract automation capabilities.

Can Docubee Support the Same Volume of Transactions as Docusign?

Yes, Docubee is capable of handling the same volume of transactions as Docusign, ensuring it can seamlessly meet the demands of your workload.

What Training and Support Options are Available for Transitioning?

Docubee offers a free trial to help you assess if the platform suits your needs. Afterward, the dedicated support team will guide you through the transition process, ensuring everything is configured correctly.

How does Docubee's User Interface Compare to Docusign?

Both Docubee and Docusign provide user-friendly interfaces, but user studies and feedback highlight that Docubee's interface is preferred for its intuitiveness.

How Can I Get Started With Transitioning From Docusign to Docubee?

Making the switch from Docusign to Docubee is easy. Start by scheduling a free demo to experience how Docubee can enhance your document management process. Once you select the plan that best fits your needs, our dedicated team will guide you through the transition every step of the way.