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Collect information to use in contracts and agreements.

Create contracts swiftly through templates, AI, or create and edit your own.

Route contracts seamlessly for editing, review, and approval.

Easily work with internal and external participants to edit and redline contracts in real-time

Capture secure, compliant, and legally binding signatures on any device.

Connect to the systems you use daily, or build into your application with our APIs.

Healthcare Workflow Management

Improve the healthcare experience for patients and providers with seamless eSignatures that make patient onboarding, back-office paperwork, and patient forms a breeze.

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Benefits of Workflow Management in Healthcare

Secure Collection and Storage of Patient Information

Provide patients with peace of mind by collecting all sensitive information through Docubee’s highly secure, HIPAA-compliant software.

Accelerate Patient Flow

Automate healthcare management, including intake processes and other forms associated with patient information, billing details, or insurance using Docubee’s suite of healthcare forms.

Manage Multiple Communication Channels in One Place

Improve lines of communication by integrating channels into one interface where team collaboration and patient messaging can be efficiently handled.

Improve Your Team’s Efficiency While Cutting Down on Errors

Send and receive customer documents without worry of lost or compromised data when you use Docubee’s encrypted software. 

Streamline Redundant Tasks

Automate redundancy by creating templates of your most used documents and tasks to save time and resources across your entire team. 

Maintain Compliance with Built-In HIPAA Standards

All templates provided by Docubee as well as all signatures obtained throughout your healthcare workflow are legally binding and HIPAA compliant.

Leverage Docubee’s Healthcare Templates

Docubee offers users a variety of healthcare and health tracking templates. Select a pre-built template within the workflow library and customize to fit your approval process.

The Secure Way to Improve Your Healthcare Workflow

HIPAA Compliant

All documents uploaded to Docubee are done securely, ensuring all private patient information remains compliant with HIPAA and other privacy laws. Docubee leverages encryption in transit, meaning that all data remains secure as it moves between users.

Tamper-Proof Documents

Docubee only provides access to important documents to those designated as approvers within the custom workflow. Users are provided with download tokens that act as access points to documents, which expire within two weeks to further protect sensitive data.

Segmented Access for Patient Documents

Only provide users who are directly relevant to the approval process with access. Extend secure access to patient documents through shareable links, QR codes, and SMS texts.

Round the Clock System Monitoring

Users are able to monitor their custom workflow via the Docubee dashboard. Get a clear overview of where your team is in the approval process, who still needs to sign, and who has access to documents.

Legally-Binding Signatures

All signatures obtained via Docubee are both legally binding and HIPAA-compliant, allowing you to securely acquire the approval you need. All signatures are trackable through an audit trail that showcases timestamps associated with any actions across your document.

Simplify Patient Intake Forms with Docubee

“The feedback from our patients who are filling out their forms via Docubee has been extremely positive."

Jeanne Cygnus, Founder of Cygnus Lactation

Docubee Improves Every Area of Your Healthcare Organization

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Streamline the information process for patients – from health history forms or vaccination tracking to patient intake and billing. Send patients the forms they need to fill out and track the status of each one. 

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Front Office Staff

Include your office staff in custom workflows so that the correct person is notified when forms are completed and what next steps are for effectively processing and storing patient information.

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Physician Assistants

Receive need-to-know information about patients in a timely manner so they can receive the healthcare attention they need.

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Vendors and Contractors

Incorporate third-party approvals within your healthcare workflow to keep everyone in the loop and stay on top of vital information.

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Suncoast Pediatric Therapy Simplifies Patient Intake Forms with Docubee

With Docubee, parents-on-the-go have an easy way to submit patient intake forms, using any device they’d like. 

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Integrate Docubee with Your Patient Management System

Docubee fits seamlessly with the healthcare management software systems that your practice relies on.

Raise Your Standard of Care with Docubee