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Collect information to use in contracts and agreements.

Create contracts swiftly through templates, AI, or create and edit your own.

Route contracts seamlessly for editing, review, and approval.

Easily work with internal and external participants to edit and redline contracts in real-time

Capture secure, compliant, and legally binding signatures on any device.

Connect to the systems you use daily, or build into your application with our APIs.

Digital Contract Management

Automate your contract management lifecycle with secure eSignatures and document generation from Docubee.

Digital Contract Signing Made Easy

Automated Contract Creation

Automated document generation lets you quickly create contracts while eliminating the risks and hassle of manual copy/paste errors.

Improved Client Experience

Securely share contracts with clients via simple links, text messages, or email delivery without the need for external file transfer methods or specialized software.

Streamlined Collaboration

Access the right document every time to avoid version confusion and synchronize edits for review and approval.

Built-in Alerts & Notifications

Keep the contract review process moving with automatic alerts and notifications that remind users what actions need to be taken next.

“We’ve really been enjoying using Docubee – it has streamlined many of our processes and saved the entire team a lot of time and steps in getting contracts and forms signed."

Pat Sanchez, Customer Support Manager at eBridge, Inc.

Docubee Digital Contract Management Features

Legally Binding eSignatures

Protect yourself if challenged in a court of law. Contracts signed in Docubee are legally binding and secure, complete with electronic audit trails.

Automated Contract Generation

Cut out extra steps. Assemble documents from templates using information gathered from digital forms for easy contract creation.

Customizable Document Workflows

Use conditional logic to build dynamic workflows that keep your contract management lifecycle in motion.

Secure Integrations with Sales & Marketing Software

Automatically route documents directly to other applications for storage or use as part of your contract management workflow.

Keep Your Contracts Safe and Secure

Docubee meets the highest security and compliance standards for protecting sensitive information within your e-contracts.

Digital Contract Management Made Easy

Jump right in and start getting contracts signed using a customizable template from Docubee.

Integrate Electronic Contracts with Your Existing Systems

Connect Docubee to your sales platform of choice to simplify your digital contract management lifecycle and ensure your contracts are available in the systems you use most.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital contract?

Also called an electronic contract or e-contract, digital contracts are purely electronic documents that are generated and signed online without the need to print out a physical copy.

How do you make a digital contract?

Digital contracts are typically generated automatically as part of a larger digital contract management lifecycle. Information is gathered from digital forms and used to assemble unique documents that contain legally required provisions for the particular use case. These e-contracts can then be shared with multiple parties for review, approval, and signature.

Are digital contracts valid?

The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) of 2000 and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) of 1999 have established that digital contract signing is every bit as legal and enforceable as traditional paper contracts.

How does an e-contract differ from other forms of contracts?

An electronic contract is just as legally binding as a paper contract, but because it must be signed electronically, there are some key differences to note:
  • Both signatories must willingly enter the legal agreement.
  • Signers must be aware that they can withdraw consent.
  • Signers must be aware that they can request a paper document.
  • Rights and obligations must be clearly disclosed.
  • All digital contracts must be securely stored.

Digital Contract Signing Made Easy