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Advantages of Using an eSignature API for SMBs

Published: November 21, 2022
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There’s no denying that collecting signatures can be a real pain point for small and medium businesses. It’s often a time-consuming and cumbersome process that can involve a lot of back-and-forth between different parties. 

This is where an eSignature API comes in handy. An eSignature API allows employees to collect electronic signatures without the hassle of using paper and ink. It’s quick, easy, and cost-effective—with distinct benefits, it’s no wonder that more and more businesses are using its technology. In this post, we’ll discuss the top benefits of using an eSignature API.

eSignatures Are Becoming a Necessity

As the business world increasingly goes digital, electronic signatures are becoming the way for companies to get documents signed. Now considered legally binding in over 50 countries, the eSignature trend is only growing. Its growth is creating much-needed momentum for companies to integrate its technology and conduct business with customers and clients in other countries without having to worry about the legal validity of their signatures.  

Having customers or clients electronically sign documents is the most efficient way to operate. Digital signature API abilities make this process even smoother by addressing some of the most difficult pain points for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

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Time Constraints

The staff at many SMBs don’t have enough time to gather eSignatures manually. This is especially true if they need to gather signatures from multiple parties. eSignatures allow people to sign electronically in a fraction of the time.

Accuracy Issues

SMBs often have concerns about the accuracy of data collected manually. eSignatures eliminate the need for manual data entry, which reduces the risk of data entry errors. 

Security Concerns

Paper-based signatures can be easily forged or copied. eSignatures are much more secure than paper-based signatures because they use digital security measures such as encryption and authentication.

Increased Costs

Collecting paper-based signatures can be expensive for SMBs, which can involve the time and cost of printing and shipping these hard-copy documents. eSignatures eliminate this back and forth thereby reducing costs and saving time for SMBs.


6 Top Reasons to Take Advantage of Using an eSignature API

Having an electronic signature solution in place is becoming a necessity for doing business, and there are a number of reasons why.

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1. Simplify the Signature Collection Process

As businesses increasingly move away from paper-based processes, the electronic signature API has become an essential tool for streamlining document signing. Most eSignature APIs are designed to be easily integrated into existing applications and platforms, so businesses don’t have to rely on paper and ink. 

With an electronic signature API, you can also automatically generate documents for signature, send reminders to signers, and track signature status as documents flow through review. This makes it easy to keep track of all your signed documents in one place and ensures that everyone involved in the signing process has a consistent user experience.

2. Faster Process Completion

The electronic signature API enables businesses to electronically sign documents and forms faster while eliminating potential delays. This results in faster turnaround times as well as improved responses and notifications. Automated reminders ensure that electronic signatures are collected in a timely manner and that no electronic signatures are lost. 

Ultimately, this means businesses can get to the end of their processes faster, and with fewer errors. An electronic signature API is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes that are aiming to improve their process completion times.

3. Minimal Coding

If you’re looking to add electronic signature functionality to your software application, you don’t need to start from scratch. Utilizing a simple API like Docubee can allow you to quickly add eSignatures to your software application. Integrating our simple API will save you the time and energy that you would otherwise spend on developing your own solution or relying on developers. 

Developing a thorough eSignature integration is a difficult task that many software teams are not equipped to handle. That is why Docubee offers pre-built integrations to get you eSignature functionality into your applications quickly and easily. This offers SMBs a cost-effective solution, without the added security and compliance risks of attempting on your own. 

4. Easy Document Management

Additionally, eSignature APIs make it easy to manage documents. They are organized and managed in a simple workflow, which makes it easier for businesses to get the signatures they need. This is a much more efficient and secure way to get signatures. You can easily get started with pre-built templates or use digital forms to collect information from users to populate pre-existing documents. 

With an eSignature API, businesses can be sure their documents are handled safely and securely, especially when utilizing form automation software. Using Docubee, you can quickly build digital forms using a simple, no-code interface. You’ll be able to automatically route these forms anywhere for employees or clients to easily access from any device, through emails and SMS texts.

5. Adhering to Compliance and Regulations

A great eSignature software will always adhere to industry standards. As electronic signatures are legally binding in many countries, the software must meet all the requirements. One of the most strict regulatory requirements is HIPAA, which governs how patient data must be protected. A high-grade eSignature API will offer compliance with this regulation, as well as others such as FERPA, SOC2, and CCPA

In addition to meeting these regulatory requirements, a quality eSignature API will also provide other features such as electronic audit trails. An electronic audit trail is a record of all the actions that have been taken regarding an electronic document. This can include information such as who accessed the document, what day and time they accessed it, and what changes were made. These additional security measures make sure your data is protected and that your electronic signatures are valid.

6. End User Satisfaction

Electronic signature APIs provide a quick, easy, and lag-free user experience that both customers and new employees will appreciate over traditional paper methods. The success of remote employee onboarding, or a time-sensitive customer sale, is contingent upon the ease and efficiency you can offer. Electronic signature API is a win for both the growing SME and the end user.

Get Connected with Docubee’s eSignature API

SMBs that utilize electronic signatures can enjoy numerous benefits, including fast integration, easy management, and scalability—while still being budget-friendly. Docubee electronic signature API is a cost-effective, quick way to add electronic signature functionality to your software application. With Docubee, you can get electronic signatures from anyone, anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. 

We provide electronic signatures that are legally binding, progress tracking for signatures, built-in notifications, and pre-built reusable templates to save you time. Our eSignature API makes it easy for SMBs to do business digitally and our no-coding interface and wide range of features make it easy to get started. 

If you are an SMB looking for a secure, proven API solution backed by a software company with three decades of experience, check out Docubee’s eSignature API.

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