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How To Use API eSignatures from Docubee

Published: October 6, 2022
hands signing on tablet

With Docubee API, integrating secure and legally binding eSignatures into your native applications has never been easier. Whether you wish to send singers an email or have them access documents using a link or QR code, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading for more information on using eSignature requests in Docubee.

The Docubee API provides support for integrating eSignature requests in two ways. The first is to have Docubee handle sending an email to the signers directly and managing the signing ceremony within the platform. The second is to have the API return a link that can be integrated into your solution, which can be displayed in many ways such as a button that launches the signature ceremony or perhaps for more seamless integration in your platform via an iframe.

Creating a Link for Signing with Docubee API

For this first example, let’s take a look at creating a link for signing (however, you can also mix both links and emails if it better suits your needs).

1.   To start the process we must upload the document we wish to have signed.  

Use this code for your document upload:




2.  Once successful the API will respond with a documentId we will use in the next step.

3.  The next request will contain a list of users and the method you wish to have them sign.  It will also contain a list of users who will receive the final document once completed.  To review the full list of options please refer to our documentation.


Generating a Signing Link with Docubee API

In this example, Docubee will generate a hyperlink using “link” as the type for a signer that you can then use in your application. If you’re interested in using Docubee to manage emails check out our other walkthrough here.




The API will respond with information about each of the signers as well as a processId which can be used to retrieve the status of the signature ceremony as needed.


<partial api response with processId>


Checking Signature Status

The request to check the status of your signatures would then look like the following:

<code for status>




Once complete, the final document will automatically be sent to the users identified in the onSignaturesFinalized property when you started the signature request above. If no users were declared the final document can be retrieved using our Download a Document endpoint.


Get Documents Signed Faster with Docubee API

If you need to get documents signed, we have the tools you need for success. It’s time to make the process easier for everyone involved. You can learn more about the extensive features of Docubee’s eSignature API in our documentation.