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Tips on Finding the Best HR Management Software

Published: May 26, 2022
New hire being introduced to team

Human resources managers spend a lot of their time on employee onboarding, training, and offboarding. It’s an integral part of their job to strengthen employee confidence in their roles because the focus is on building company culture. That all grinds to a halt when piles of documents have to be handled.

An automated HR process keeps paperwork and administrative processes simple and fast to allow HR professionals more time to give personalized focus and attention to employees. 

HR management software automates your workflow throughout the employment lifecycle to increase efficiency and employee satisfaction. Automating paper-based forms and documents is more efficient, eliminating the need for manual file updating. It’s also more secure, because it reduces time spent emailing documents back and forth between HR and employees. 

With HR automation software, new hires can easily fill out onboarding forms, employees can submit training completion forms, and HR team members can focus less on paperwork. Some software features built-in reminders and automated routing, legally binding eSignatures, and reusable templates that can be easily accessed, as well as pre-populated fields to save on time spent filling. 

Let’s explore the ways that automating the onboarding process through the use of HR workflow software puts the focus on new employees, saves time and money, increases productivity, and continuously improves the process itself.


Onboarding Checklist Templates 

What’s true about life is also true about onboarding: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

The need to ensure a human-centered and streamlined onboarding process has never been greater than it is right now, as companies large and small face serious challenges attracting and securing top new talent. To retain a competitive advantage in hiring, reduce pressure on your HR teams, and set your new employees up for success, you can now deliver a better onboarding experience with checklist templates. 


Ensure Long-Term Employee Success 

Onboarding Checklist Templates are the key to onboarding processes that ensure the long-term success of new employees and your company because the workflow automation process streamlines data gathering, signature collection, and communication to alleviate bottlenecks and pain points that a workflow consisting of physical documents and email attachments can cause. Automation can also reduce the stress of remote onboarding. 


Onboarding Organized End-to-End 

You can create a well-organized onboarding experience with templates or by customizing a template through a workflow builder. A workflow builder allows you to:

  • Gather information from new hires through: 1099-NEC Employee Form Templates; Benefits Enrollment Form; Professional Reference Check Form;  Background Check Consent Form; and Vaccine Immunization Record Form.
  • Reduce potential for human error:  workflow builders reduce the potential for error to occur in a workflow with multiple stakeholders and documents by automating repeat processes with conditional branching, setting different roles and permissions, and creating custom branding and templates. 
  • Accelerate the onboarding process: collect signatures easily, and ensure your collected signatures are authentic and encrypted. You can also automatically send forms to new hires and share forms with your team for review. 


Training Plan Templates 

According to the McLean & Company 2021 HR Trends Report, “training employees on next-generation skills will be critical in ensuring future organizational competitiveness.” 


Automate Workflow and Close Skills Gaps

Even as remote-capable employees report greater satisfaction with work and companies report greater satisfaction with remote and hybrid employee output, the employee skills gap continues to grow due in part to the competitive labor market and the gaps the COVID-19 pandemic opened up in the labor market. When HR departments have to rely on paper documents and outdated workflow processes, training employees newly recruited from different sectors and upskilling existing labor forces drains budgets, and also diminishes potential productivity and worker confidence. To retain a competitive advantage in recruiting, reduce pressure on your HR staff and instructional design teams, and set your new and veteran employees up for success, you can now deliver a better training experience with training plan templates. 


Ensure Long-Term Training Goals are Met

Automated Training Checklist Templates are key to training processes that ensure the long-term success of new employees and your company. Docubee gives your company a way to upload important cybersecurity documents or links to training; have employees digitally sign upon completion; and track the status of documents throughout the training and evaluation lifecycle. With Docubee’s New Hire Training Checklist, your HR team can add or remove forms or company-wide documents as needed; get email notifications once training checklists have been completed; shorten training timelines; and integrate your checklist with external applications. When you use the streamlined data gathering, signature collection, and communication Docubee’s no-code software provides, your HR department will never have to hunt down an employee signature, manually update a form, or send out a reminder again.  


Training Plan Template Benefits 

Create a well-organized training experience with a training checklist template or customize a template in the no-code workflow builder so that you can:

  • Keep employees feeling connected through clear and consistent feedback, development, and evaluation by filtering all performance documents through to the next person in the process. 
  • Establish a culture of knowledge sharing by assigning project tasks to individual team members with easy-to-see progress statuses. 
  • Accelerate the training process: Collect signatures easily and ensure your collected signatures are authentic and encrypted. You can also automatically send forms to new hires and share forms with your team for review. 


Offboarding Client Communication Template 

According to a new Pew Research Center study, “Overall, about one in five non-retired U.S. adults–including similar shares of men and women—say they quit a job at some point in 2021, meaning they left by choice and not because they were fired, laid off, or because a temporary job had ended.” 


Ease Transitions While Inspiring Confidence 

Now more than ever, offboarding is a process HR professionals increasingly face, despite the resources and care that go into recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and training employees. While offboarding may always include some complications, Docubee’s automated Offboarding Client Communication Template reduces the delays in communication and knowledge transfer that accompany paper-based workflow. If you and your HR department want to ease the transition for departing employees, then use the no-code Docubee Workflow Builder to ensure that knowledge is transferred securely, guarantee that HR complies with industry standards, and instill confidence among remaining employees. 


Offboarding Template Benefits 

Create a well-organized offboarding experience with available Docubee Offboarding Checklist Templates, or customize a template in the no-code Docubee Workflow Builder to accomplish the following:

  • Alert and track key dates for transition and paperwork with automatic reminders
  • Ensure expectations for knowledge transfer and employee exit are applied consistently and transparently
  • Track final payment in collaboration with Payroll
  • Delete departing employees’ user accounts 
  • Remove departing employees’ from all benefit programs 
  • Produce and maintain all employee records in accordance with state and federal laws
  • Recover work equipment
  • Conduct exit interview 


Simplify HR Management with Docubee

When your HR professionals use the Docubee Offboarding Templates and automated workflow to transition former employees out, they can be sure all stages of the checklist are completed securely. Use the templates provided, or adapt them to fit your company’s specific needs to ensure all equipment is returned, final paychecks are distributed and received, and employee evaluations have been signed. 

Docubee can help you digitize documents and forms for exit interviews to ensure no steps are missed during offboarding. You’ll be able to streamline IT checklists to ensure everything is accomplished on time and in correct fashion, and ease the transition for remaining team members. With Docubee, you can promptly ensure responsibilities are transferred to the right team members or teams.

Automating the HR processes through workflow software puts the focus on employees, saves time and money, increases productivity, and reduces waste. 

Give your HR team members the power to focus on people, and not paperwork. Contact us today for more information.