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The Benefits of Legal Workflow Automation

Published: March 31, 2022
The Benefits of Legal Workflow Automation

Perhaps no professional better understands the pain points associated with overflowing paperwork and hectic communication than a legal specialist. Whether you’re a lawyer or paralegal at a law firm, an independent consultant, or a professional within a corporate legal department—we’re willing to bet that you’ve had more than your fill of this particular issue.

But what can be done? Ultimately, you might reason, that headache is a necessary evil, an inevitability of the profession. Isn’t it?

That may have once been a fact, but it no longer needs to be a given. Granted, the need for a paper trail (virtual or otherwise) is unlikely to be eliminated anytime soon. But the workflow headaches resulting from chaotic data storage and outdated resources? Thanks to the rise of workflow automation, that is quickly becoming a thing of the past. (Cue a sigh of relief.)

Risk Management & Organization

If one thing is universal to the law profession, it’s likely the sheer quantity of ever-growing unstructured data. Ranging from paperwork to correspondence and even photographs or screenshots, it quickly becomes challenging to store efficiently or securely. Yet indisputably, having reliable and compliant data storage is crucial. How many hours are wasted compiling evidence for a case that was scattered across emails, text messages, and word documents?

Beyond this, juggling disparate communication methods and storage formats tends to jumble workflows. And a jumbled workflow means crucial processes are more likely to slip through the cracks. Did the client ever get that signed affidavit back to you? No one wants to realize a key process was overlooked just in time for contestation in court.

All of these pieces have to work together while covering crucial compliance concerns. That means data must be secured and encrypted to protect against breaches and to keep your firm in compliance. 

This is where workflow automation shines. A cloud-based software solution like Docubee allows you to automatically send and update crucial files. By seamlessly integrating secure data storage with streamlined communication, those kinds of logistical headaches become a thing of the past. It allows you to:

  • Streamline team workflows & communication
  • Reliably keep track of which procedural items are complete
  • Securely store and automatically update crucial data
  • Maintain a clean, organized, easy-to-access database spanning multiple file types
  • Ensure HIPAA, FERPA, SOC 2, & CCPA compliance on documents sent and collected

More Time & Agility

Another benefit to legal workflow automation is how much wasted time it can redeem. In 2020, Thompson Reuters found that small firms in the U.S. were spending around 40% of their time on business and administrative work. Could these firms have improved the meager 60% of time spent practicing law by opting for more efficient data storage and workflows?

In contrast to conventional systems, an automated workflow allows teams to complete tasks smoothly and efficiently rather than scrabbling through chaotic data and processes. By reducing and streamlining administrative tasks, you free up more time to consult with your clients and work directly on cases. 

Many legal departments are rightly concerned about complicating things with too much new technology. But there’s good news here, too. Since Docubee seamlessly integrates with preexisting systems, the team also doesn’t need to worry about excessive time spent learning new software. The entire concept behind the platform is to simplify. As such, you can be assured you’ll find an agile, user-friendly solution (not more tech headaches.)

Client Intake & Onboarding

Improved team collaboration and efficiency aren’t the only benefits to automating your workflow and data storage. Think about the client intake and onboarding process, too. Nearly everything about it can be improved through automation—from initial communication with a prospective client to intake, onboarding, and even scheduling. 

This also means a better experience for your clients. You can ensure they receive clear, consistent information at the outset and throughout the process. Making sure they understand the plan of action—especially what will be needed from them and when— eliminates needless confusion and hassle and improves the attorney-client relationship. And, using digital communications and legally binding eSignatures means you can boost turnaround times on document reviews and approvals. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

In short, using a cloud-based automation solution allows you to:

  • Automatically send quotes and schedule client meetings
  • Provide pre-screening questionnaires and checklists
  • Offer eSignatures for intake forms and attorney-client contracts
  • Securely store client records and automatically update them

Simplify Your Legal Workflows

Nothing replaces attention to detail in law practice. But what can be improved is how many disorganized details are competing for attention. Cloud-based workflow automation for law firms integrates seamlessly with your existing processes. In exchange, it optimizes your attorney-client processes, streamlines your data storage, and allows your team to practice law much more efficiently.

Docubee was designed to be fully customizable yet simple to implement at your practice. Best of all, you need not learn the ropes on your own—our team of experts can help you create an ideal solution for your team.

Interested in learning how legal workflow automation software could transform your practice? Schedule a Docubee demo today!