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7 Benefits of Having a White Label eSignature Partner

Published: June 18, 2024

A seamless eSignature experience is crucial for providing your clients with an intuitive, integrative contract management experience. Yet if you don’t already have this feature developed, it can cost more time and money than you may have immediately available. There are multiple solutions available to this conundrum, from third-party products to custom-branded integrations. 

However, a white-label solution through a channel partner program may be the most elegant and cost-effective of all. Let’s explore why.

What is White Labeling?

White labeling refers to a pre-built software service that the designing firm licenses a partnering firm to use and customize according to their unique needs. This custom software channel partnership benefits both parties, enhancing the reach of the firm that owns the solution while enhancing the offerings of the implementing firm. Like custom-branded solutions, white label solutions can also be custom branded  – but they can go much farther, allowing the implementing partner firm unlimited customizations to fit their use case. All while maintaining the tool’s core functionality!

How a White Label eSign Partner Makes Your Life Easier

When a firm implements a white label solution, they work alongside their partner firm to design and integrate the exact functionality and branding they need for their business case.

For example, when SmartAdvocate began struggling with cost-prohibitive eSignature options for their clients, it partnered with Docubee to create a white label solution. Together, the two firms tailored the tool’s eSignature and workflow automation features, integrating unlimited eSignatures into a single platform and automating SmartAdvocate’s client intake. The solution, which was also custom-branded for SmartAdvocate, resulted in increased revenue, growth, and client satisfaction. 

“We wanted to make sure that the experience for the client was going to be seamless,” said Allison Rampolla, SmartAdvocate SVP of Sales & Marketing. “Everything is just faster. Faster signed documents means it’s quicker for our clients to get new clients, which means more business and in turn, more revenue. … 90% of all new clients onboarded are opting in to having this new integration.

“It’s been a great partnership.”

Read the full case study here.

7 Benefits to Implementing White Label eSignatures

That’s the heart of it: a white label solution isn’t just a solution – it’s a partnership with countless benefits. Here are just a few benefits to choosing white label for your eSignatures.

  1. Enhances client experience – A white label solution offers eSignatures so adapted to your clients’ needs, they may not be able to tell you didn’t design it from scratch. (But you didn’t!)
  2. Boosts existing software – White label eSignatures can be tailored to integrate seamlessly with your existing tech stack, with no overhaul needed. This means you’re adding key functionality.
  3. Helps to sell your own product – Secure, integrated eSignatures can help make your product more attractive to potential customers. 
  4. Frees you from dev work – Excess development sprints can burden your software developers. Custom channel partner programs don’t require any coding on your end! A robust partner will customize the solution to your needs based on feedback you provide. 
  5. Enhances security & compliance, hassle-free – Well-designed, integrated eSignatures can keep everything in one platform and file version, stored according to strict compliance standards. If you have extra requirements beyond what’s already offered, you can communicate this to your partner during the design and implementation process. Don’t leave this to chance – build it into your solution from the start!
  6. Reduces workload to manage – By streamlining and centralizing eSignatures, your clients won’t have to track down which party they’re waiting on for signatures – or sort through multiple document versions and email threads to find the most current. Automated routing and status updates ensure the workflow happens seamlessly and reliably. You can build in other automation features, too, according to your needs.
  7. Offers a mutually beneficial partnership – The right partner should be a partner, not just a vendor – think of it as a two-way street. Your white label software partner should offer custom pricing that reflects the value to your organization. They should also walk with you hand-in-hand to help tailor the solution to your needs over time.

Why Partner Instead of Buying?

Why might choosing a white label partner ultimately be better than buying an eSignature solution that fits your needs? While buying certainly has its benefits, partner programs like Docubee’s offer the added advantage of a mutually beneficial relationship. This means that beyond just having the solution itself, you also have access to personalized support for marketing and selling your product – and training employees and clients to use the solution.

Think of it this way: the best channel partner programs give you custom everything (features, branding, support, and even pricing) with the convenience of an off-the-shelf solution. It’s absolutely the best of both worlds.

White Label eSignatures via the Docubee Channel Partner Program

When firms choose Docubee as their eSignatures channel partner, they get a secure, cost-effective eSignature solution that can easily integrate into their existing tech stack. But that’s only the beginning. Docubee encourages collaborative success through a mutually beneficial partnership. Our partners collaborate with us to personalize their eSignature solution and even add additional features, such as workflow automation. 

Enhance your hive with Docubee’s White Label eSignatures! Find out how to become a partner here.