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Accusoft Implements Docubee for Crucial HR Paperwork

A common problem for HR departments, and one that is important for the HR team at Accusoft is staying in compliance. The gaps in Accusoft’s HRIS created challenges when it came to employee handbook acknowledgements, policy changes, and onboarding training. Using Docubee, they were able to fill these gaps, and automate a number of their processes to make things easier for everyone involved.

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Accusoft case study

About the Client

Accusoft is a software development company specializing in content processing, conversion, and automation. For over 25 years, they have worked to create tools that enable users to solve their digital content challenges. Accusoft prides itself on staying agile to the ever-changing needs of customers and works to roll out new products to meet these challenges.

"Docubee provided us with compliance, consistency, quickness to execute, and the ability to adapt and change.”
Christine Hairelson, VP of Employee Experience at Accusoft
Employees have enjoyed how easy it is to sign and acknowledge paperwork, while HR members have loved the time they save each day by using Docubee. Now, staying in compliance is easier than ever. Docubee also helped the Accusoft HR team create a simple way for employees to submit their COVID vaccination status and account for any exemptions. Continue reading to get the full story.
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