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Atlantic Payroll Partners Automates Onboarding & Sales with Docubee

Atlantic Payroll Partners is a professional employer organization (PEO) that manages a variety of HR tasks for clients of all sizes. Their team had been conducting their processes solely using physical paperwork, which proved to be tedious and inefficient. Going digital with Docubee allowed them to simplify the collection of onboarding paperwork for clients, and ensure all sales documents were filled out to help support upsell opportunities internally. Now, they are using Docubee to automate more and more for clients and their own internal processes.

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Atlantic Payroll Partners Case Study

About the Client

Atlantic Payroll Partners is a professional employer organization (PEO) based in Fort Pierce, Florida that provides businesses from small to large with a variety of human resources and payroll services. Rather than hiring a dedicated internal team to manage administrative tasks like workers’ compensation, health insurance policies, and 401k contributions, organizations can turn them over to the specialists at Atlantic Payroll Partners and get back to focusing on their core business.

Atlantic Payroll Partners
“I’ve been extremely happy with Docubee. It’s helping us unlock new revenue streams a lot sooner than we would have in the past.”
Roché Johnson, Marketing Coordinator, Atlantic Payroll Partners
Atlantic Payroll Partners Case Study
Docubee enables Atlantic Payroll Partners to efficiently gather and process new hire documents for all of their clients. And, it allows their internal sales team to easily collect completed documents from new clients, which has led to upselling opportunities that weren’t possible before. The Docubee team was there to help configure their workflows and support the team every step of the way. Learn more about how we helped Atlantic Payroll Partners go digital.
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