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Docubee Lends a Paw to Rescue Pets of Florida

Relying on a combination of paper applications, emails, and physical storage wasn’t cutting it anymore for the volunteers at Rescue Pets of Florida. As their operation continued to grow, and more people chose to adopt and foster through their organization, keeping up with the accompanying paperwork became overwhelming—not to mention, it was causing them to lose potential applicants because the process was so complicated. Docubee took their forms digital, making it easy for applicants to scan a QR code and access the forms needed, and automatically routed responses to the proper parties for processing.

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Rescue Pets of Florida

About the Client

Rescue Pets of Florida (RPF) is a 501(c) non-profit organization powered by volunteers, which works in conjunction with PetsMarts and local shelters in the Tampa Bay area to find loving homes for abandoned and homeless cats and dogs of all ages. RPF works to vaccinate, spay, and neuter the animals they find, while also providing medical care and loving foster homes while they await adoption. RPFs goal is to raise awareness and fight back against the killing of adoptable animals in the Tampa Bay area and beyond. 

Rescue Pets of Florida logo
“It’s been amazing, we’re blown away every time. It’s really helped our customer experience too.“
Katie Duncan, Volunteer and Marketing Coordinator at Rescue Pets of Florida
Rescue Pets of Florida Case Study
Using Docubee, Rescue Pets of Florida was able to create digital applications that are easy for potential fosters, adopters, and volunteers to fill out. They are able to access these forms during their events, and never have to worry about having enough paper applications on hand. And, they can make quick edits without worrying about waste. Learn how Docubee continues to delight patrons and simplify Rescue Pets of Florida’s paperwork by downloading the case study.
To learn more, download the full case study. Download Now