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Collect information to use in contracts and agreements.

Create contracts swiftly through templates, AI, or create and edit your own.

Route contracts seamlessly for editing, review, and approval.

Easily work with internal and external participants to edit and redline contracts in real-time

Capture secure, compliant, and legally binding signatures on any device.

Connect to the systems you use daily, or build into your application with our APIs.

How to Use Docubee eSignature for Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce is a great CRM for managing client data. But managing the rest of the contract lifecycle can still be a timesuck for employees. 

Just step back and think about how much time your sales team is spending on actually creating contracts, sending them, and following up for responses. If you don’t have a contract management app integrated with Salesforce, chances are a lot of time is being wasted.

All of those tasks we just mentioned, like creating, sending, and following up on contracts can be automated with the right Salesforce integration.

Docubee eSignature for Salesforce is a powerful app that lets you automate the entire contract lifecycle and add eSignatures to your contracts without having to leave Salesforce. That means saving time and reducing errors for your sales team so that they can focus on tracking down and converting new leads.

What is Salesforce AppExchange?

Salesforce AppExchange is an enterprise cloud marketplace that allows you to integrate the functionality of thousands of great apps and solutions with your Salesforce instance.

Contract Management Using Docubee eSignature for Salesforce

Let’s walk through how to set up a document and send it for signature using the Docubee eSignature for the Salesforce app. Follow along with the steps below with our Docubee eSignature for Salesforce video.

How to Send a Contract in Salesforce with Docubee Signature

To set up your integration of Docubee Signature for Salesforce, follow these installation instructions we’ve laid out.

Document Management Panels 

Once your installation is complete, 3 panels will be available in your Salesforce instance. First is a document panel, titled “Docubee Document”, which allows you to select documents to send for signature.

Next is a document status panel where you can track the progress of any documents you’ve already sent for signature. This panel will show you any in-progress and completed documents, their status, who signed, and relevant dates.

The last panel is the document management panel, titled Manage Docubee Document Templates, where you can upload documents and manage their fields. 

The document management panel does not have to be placed on the opportunity object and is compatible as a custom lightning component tab

Please note, the document selection panel and status panel are only compatible with the opportunity object.

Uploading Your Document

Once you’ve installed the Docubee Signature for Salesforce application, navigate to the Manage Docubee Document Template panel that we mentioned above. From here, you will click the “Upload Files” button to select a document to use.

Once uploaded, your document will be available to add fillable fields to. Click the small pencil icon next to your document’s name to open it and start adding fields.

Editing Document Fields

Clicking the edit button will drop you into the Docubee editor where you can add fields to your document.

You can either click the “Scan for Fields” button for Docubee to scan your document and automatically place fields, or you can drag and drop the fields you’d like.

Depending on how many signers you have, you may need to assign the fields. Docubee gives you the option to add Signature, Initial, Date, Textbox, Checkbox, or Radio Group fields. Currently, this integration allows up to 2 signers for ay document.

All fields placed will automatically be assigned to the first signer. To assign a field to another signer, simply click on it and adjust the role as shown below.

Mapping Data to Textbox Fields

The Docubee eSignature integration with Salesforce also gives you the option to map data from the Salesforce opportunity to date or textbox fields. Simply click the “Mapped Data” selection from your field settings to import this information. 

If you don’t want signers to be able to change the imported information, you can toggle on the “Read Only” option.

When mapping data for a textbox field, the information mapped from the Salesforce object will be pre-filled for your signer. For example, if you chose to import the account name, the text associated with that would appear in your textbox as shown below.

Salesforce Object Selection for Textbox
Salesforce Object Selection for Textbox


Pre-filled Textbox Using Salesforce Object Data
Pre-filled Textbox Using Salesforce Object Data

Mapping Data to Date Fields

Using the Opportunity Close Date in Salesforce, you can also pre-fill your date fields.

Once you’re done adjusting fields and setting up your document, click the “Done” button.

Sending a Document for Signature 

Now that your document is complete, it’s time to send it to signers. Navigate to the Docubee document selection panel in Salesforce and click “Select Document” as shown below. Then, select the document you just created and would like to send.

Upon selecting it, you will be asked to define your first signer in the workflow. By selecting the “Contact from my Opportunity” button, you will be able to select a user related to the Salesforce opportunity.

Selecting “User of my Salesforce Organization” will allow you to have one of your internal users sign. Please note, Docubee eSignature will only show contact roles attached to the opportunity object as options, and not all Salesforce contacts.

Once a signer has been selected, hit the “Add Signer” button to continue.

If you’ve added multiple signers to your document, you will be asked to repeat these steps for each signer.

After designating all signers, click the “Send Document for Signature” button. This will send the document to all signers you have chosen.

View of What Signers See
View of What Signers See

The Best Signature App on Salesforce AppExchange

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