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Collect information to use in contracts and agreements.

Create contracts swiftly through templates, AI, or create and edit your own.

Route contracts seamlessly for editing, review, and approval.

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March 2023 Product Release Notes

There are more productivity features coming your way this month.

Customize your dashboard. Address signers by their names. More important options. In this month’s Docubee release notes, we’ll cover all of these exciting new features and more. 

Ability to Customize Your Dashboard Modules

custom dashboard module selector in ontask

Modules are located on the bottom half of your Docubee dashboard. You can now customize this area with the modules you use most. We’ve also added a new Quick Sign dashboard module that allows you to quickly get a document signed.

Here’s a quick video showing how easy it is to customize your Docubee dashboard.

Signer Names Now Available

In this new release, we’ve added the ability for you to enter a signer’s name and email when sending a document for signature using Quick Sign or My Documents. Entering a signer name will allow Docubee to populate the signer’s name next to their email address in any emails sent from Quick Sign or My Documents for a more professional look and feel.

example of where a signer name is placed as part of an esignature workflow in ontask

Import Documents from Google Drive &

We’ve added the ability to import documents from Google Drive and in Quick Sign and My Documents. When launching the uploader screen, you’ll notice boxes for Google Drive and that you can click and launch into their file picker. You can also use the new Docubee My Docs button to pick files you’ve previously uploaded to Docubee.

an example of the document uploader showing dropbox and google drive document selection options

Embed Document Signing as an iFrame

eSignature API users can now embed document signing capabilities as an iFrame into another application. In addition, when the document is signed, a notification will be sent to the client code, which will allow the developer to take action in their client code to navigate the user wherever they want. These features are available to all Docubee ISV and API customers.

Customer Issues Resolved

  • SMTP configuration changes in the settings UI will show the error encountered in verification
  • Updated the “Generate Document from Form Data” task in the workflow builder to more efficiently process placeholders in large documents when setting up the document in the builder, which previously may have been slow or may have failed
  • Fixed bug that occurred when toggling between radio button groups
  • String validations (email, URL, etc) in the client have been updated to handle non-string inputs more gracefully