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Collect information to use in contracts and agreements.

Create contracts swiftly through templates, AI, or create and edit your own.

Route contracts seamlessly for editing, review, and approval.

Easily work with internal and external participants to edit and redline contracts in real-time

Capture secure, compliant, and legally binding signatures on any device.

Connect to the systems you use daily, or build into your application with our APIs.


Docubee vs. DocuSign: Key Feature Comparison

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If you’re looking for a secure eSignature provider that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg but has all of the features you need, Docubee has got you covered.

Docubee has features like PowerForms, legally compliant eSignatures, and automated workflows just like DocuSign. But, we also have things like custom branding capabilities, responsive customer service, and transparent pricing that DocuSign doesn’t.

Learn how we’re different from DocuSign below. Download the infographic to see how our functionality stacks up.

1. Functionality that Goes the Extra Mile

It’s no secret that eSignatures are an essential tool in today’s digital world. But, you can take it one step further with Docubee. We provide added functionality like digital documents that let you bulk send paperwork and generate documents from data, digital forms to collect information, and conditional logic that lets you work smarter, not harder.

2.  Support You Can Actually Rely On

One of the most persistent things we hear from customers who switch to Docubee is the lack of customer support they had from their previous eSign provider. With Docubee, there’s no more time wasted chasing down support reps. Our customer support team is made up of actual humans, so you can get back to what matters quicker.

3. Straight Forward Pricing (Without the Hidden Fees)

Doing a little digging into reviews from  DocuSign reveals that hidden fees plague most customers. Not with Docubee. Enjoy transparent, transaction-based pricing without surprises on your bill.

4. Flexibility as You Grow

Growing pains are natural, but you shouldn’t tolerate them from your eSign provider.  Docubee’s flexible pricing means you can add more transactions or features when you need them.

5. Branding Your Way

When you’re sending documents or emails, putting your personal brand on it matters to create brand recognition. Unlike DocuSign, Docubee lets you add custom branding to all communications, to ensure customers know who they’re from.

Ditch DocuSign to Unlock Your Productivity

You shouldn’t compromise your needs because the solution you have now is good enough. Download this infographic to learn just how Docubee stacks up to DocuSign and how you can get more from your eSignatures with our help.