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Collect Vaccine Immunization Records Forms at Your School

Having a way to track and collect a student’s vaccination history is important for the health and safety of others. See how easy it is for students or parents to submit immunization records, and customize your own collection form.

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Why Use Digital Forms for Immunization Record Collection?

Digital forms make it easy for students or parents to submit their information and supporting documents, without the hassle of printing and scanning. Making collection easier increases the likelihood your educational facility will get the correct info with shorter turnaround times.

Find More Time with Vaccine ImmunizationRecords Form for Schools

The Vaccine Immunization Records Form for Schools is designed to help you find more time in your workday. Get a quick look at how the template works in this video. You’ll be able to see how it looks for end-users who are filling a form. Keep in mind that this template can be completely customized and updated with your vital process information.

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How Docubee Makes Gathering & Tracking Immunization Records Simple

Docubee is a HIPAA and FERPA compliant solution that makes submitting immunization records easy. Parents or students simply fill out a digital form, upload proof of vaccine, and submit. Once submitted, Docubee can be set to send an automatic email to your school’s staff for review. All records collected through Docubee are conveniently stored and can be integrated with your CRM.

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