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A Fillable ACH Form Template for Your Automated Payments

Sending and receiving direct deposits isn’t a hassle for companies using ACH authorization automation. With ACH form automation by Docubee, you can build codeless digital documents using our template and send them for review and approval in minutes.

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Why Use Our Free ACH Authorization Form Template?

Any business that sends or accepts payments directly from a checking or savings account deals with ACH authorizations. Digital forms like our ACH authorization form template are a low-cost, efficient way to collect all of the information needed for your automated clearing house authorizations.

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  • Send and approve ACH forms fast
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Simplify ACH Authorizations with Docubee’s Form Automation

No more waiting days to complete an ACH authorization. Use Docubee’s free ACH form template to create a document in a fraction of the time. Then use Docubee’s automation process to send and monitor the authorization process from first send to final signature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A recurring ACH payment is an electronic funds transfer that automatically sends money from one bank account to another. For example, an employer or client may submit a recurring ACH payment to an employee or contractor to pay for services or goods. It’s an ideal scenario for long-term work or service arrangements.

There are three types of ACH form templates you can use to authorize sending or receiving automatic payments to or from your bank account:
  • ACH Credit Transfer Form Template: Used when an individual or organization wants to initiate a payment to another party. The form includes fields for the sender's information, recipient's information, payment amount, and other relevant details. By filling out this form, the sender authorizes their financial institution to transfer funds from their account to the recipient's account.
  • ACH Direct Deposit Form Template: Used when an individual or organization wants to receive payments directly into their bank account. It’s ideal for payroll purposes, where employees authorize their employer to deposit wages directly into their bank account. The form typically includes the employee's personal information, bank account details, and authorization for the direct deposit.
  • ACH Authorization Form Template: Used to get consent from an individual or organization to begin recurring ACH transactions. It’s common for subscription services, membership dues, and recurring bill payments. It includes the customer's information, bank account details, payment frequency, and authorization for ongoing ACH transactions. By completing this form, the customer grants permission for the designated amount to be automatically withdrawn from their bank account at specified intervals.

An ACH form should include the following information about the payer:
  • Payer’s Information: Includes name, address, contact information, and other details necessary to identify the individual or organization sending the funds, and communicate with them if necessary
  • Bank Account Details: Provides the payer’s bank name, account number, and routing number to ensure funds are credited to the recipient’s account
  • Transaction Information: Identifies the payment amount, payment date, or intervals (if recurring), to ensure the correct amounts are deposited at the correct time 
  • Authorization Clause: Confirms the payer authorizes the financial institution to withdraw the specified amount from their bank account at a future date
  • Signature and Date: Serves as a legal record, authenticating the payer's authorization and consent to the terms and conditions in the ACH form 
  • Revocation Clause: Allows the payer to cancel the authorization for future recurring ACH transactions
  • Notice of Error Resolution Rights: Informs the payer about their rights and available options for resolving errors or disputes related to an ACH transaction
The payee must provide the following information on an ACH authorization form: The name and address of your bank, account number, and routing number. Then provide your signature authorizing the bank to debit or credit the account.

To create an ACH form, follow these steps: Step 1: Download the authorization document and review the top section:
  • Enter the merchant's name for payment collection
  • Provide the account holder's full name
  • Enter the authorized deduction amount
  • Specify the date for the one-time payment
  • Provide a description of the goods/services for payment deduction
Step 2: Provide correct billing information:
  • Submit the account holder's billing address
  • Specify the city, state, and zip code
  • Provide a reliable telephone number where the account holder can be reached for inquiries or notifications
  • Share a valid email address to receive important communication and updates regarding the payment process
Step 3: Include accurate bank details:
  • Select the account that will be used for the deduction
  • Enter the account holder's name as it appears on the account
  • Provide the name of the bank where the account is held
  • Enter the account number associated with the bank account
  • Specify the routing number, which identifies the bank and branch for the account
Step 4: Get authorized by the account holder:
  • Read the authorization statement carefully
  • Enter an agreed-upon alternative payment amount in case the initial deduction fails
  • Grant permission for the merchant to continue deducting payment for up to 30 days after a failed attempt
  • Provide a signature to indicate consent and agreement
  • Enter the date of the signature in the format mm/dd/yyyy
With Docubee’s ACH form template, you can create a professional ACH authorization form in minutes. Just add and fill out the form fields, and hit send. Say bye to wasting hours on creating an ACH form from scratch.

Yes, Docubee’s ACH form template is created by our team of experts to ensure compliance with the latest legal and industry standards. We took care of the heavy lifting so you can create and send ACH forms fast without worry.