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Top 7 Best Electronic Signature Software

Published: January 5, 2023
Top 7 best electronic signature software

The brunt of every modern business is dealing with mounds of paperwork. Waiting for clients to sign paper documents and fax or mail it back is tedious and time-consuming. 

Having eSignature software can handle the whole process seamlessly, massively cut down on time, and provide an audit trail. Plus, digital signatures have many benefits such as being user-friendly and environment-friendly. 

But we don’t have to tell you that. 

That’s why you’re here to learn about the best electronic signature software on the market. 

So we rounded up the top 7 best electronic signature softwares according to reviews that makes digital transactions convenient and quicker. 

Let’s take a look.

1. Docubee


Are you looking for powerful and intuitive electronic signature software? 

Of course, you are. 

Docubee doesn’t make it to the top of the list because it’s us. It’s because it offers the best all-around features and affordability SMBs and even enterprises desire. It caters to companies with frequent sales, transactions, and negotiations. It’s your go-to eSignature software for legal documents, HR paperwork, and other documents you need reviewed, signed, and approved. 

OnTask’s electronic signature software simplifies the process from start to finish. For instance, logging in—customers, employees, and other vendors can skip this using our inbuilt integration feature for cross-platform functionality. 

To get processes moving along faster, clients can sign documents using any device and the software eliminates the need to manually follow up with them. Another useful feature is the ability to track the documents and gain visibility of their status. 

Digital signatures are meaningless if they’re not legally binding. Docubee’s eSignature software is HIPAA-compliant and fulfills FERPA, SOC 2, and CCPA requirements. 


  • Seamless integrations possible 
  • Custom templates for various industries and use cases (or build your own from scratch)
  • Custom branding and workflows 
  • HIPAA-compliant eSignature
  • Routes documents for easy tracking and monitoring
  • Process automation to ensure documents are completed on time
  • Control logic of what happens when a document is approved or rejected
  • Save time with faster approvals and document completion


  • Integration available only for higher-price plans  
  • No free version, but there is a free trial


Docubee is one of the best electronic software for digital signatures because of its user-friendly features and smooth digital experience for everyone involved. 

When billed annually, the Personal plan is $9/month for individuals or small businesses. The Business plan is $24/month, great for mid-sized businesses. And the Business Pro plan is $159/month for large enterprises that require all of the features. 

2. DocuSign


DocuSign has been on the market since 2003. It claims to have over 1 million customers and over a billion users across the world. While it’s versatile for most kinds of businesses, it’s best suited for large enterprises dealing with frequent contracts and agreements. 

This software for electronic signatures has over 400 integrations for maximum cross-platform support. Its intuitive design makes custom branding your documents convenient. DocuSign’s award-winning APIs are convenient if you require embedding into your own websites and apps. 

DocuSign is most known for its contract lifecycle management feature. Handling and tracking contracts that go through different people in different departments can get tricky. With its inbuilt workflow, especially for contracts, this process becomes faster and more standardized.  


  • Envelope system for multiple stakeholder signatures
  • Real-time audit trail
  • Encrypted and secure 
  • Robust cloud support


  • Envelope-based pricing system that’s confusing and leads to unexpected costs
  • Outdated user experience
  • Unresponsive/delayed customer service
  • No White-Labeling
  • No free version 


DocuSign has the most experience in the digital signature market. While there are newer and more robust solutions on the market, many businesses play it safe with DocuSign. 

Annually billed, their Personal plan costs $10/month and the Business plan costs $25/month. While, the Business Pro plan is $40/month for all the features.  


3. PandaDoc

Panda doc

PandaDoc is popular among personal users and small businesses. Its dynamic set of features is simple and quick for all digital transactions. 

When you’re dealing with documents that must be signed by several people, it can get cumbersome to check on their status constantly. On PandaDoc, you can enable notifications to stay updated on all the changes to the documents. 

Its 450+ templates also make drafting invoices, proposals, agreements, and other documents quicker. You can even create your own template or forms that may need to be reused frequently. 

However, its most convenient feature is the ability to add digital signatures directly from your Word or PDF files. It’s a bit tricky to set up, but it’s worth it because the time to add signatures reduces significantly. 


  • Free version 
  • Integration with payment gateways 
  • PandaDoc API for embedding in websites or apps 
  • Live document analytics 


  • Custom templates and integrations require membership 
  • Expensive monthly plans 
  • Documents can’t be edited after sending 
  • Bulk sending documents is paid regardless of a subscription model 


PandaDoc is a features-loaded eSignature software that’s user-friendly. Annual rates start with the Essentials plan at $19/month. The Business Plan is priced at $49/month and the Enterprise plan is custom priced depending on your requirements. 

4. HelloSign

Hello Sign Dropbox

HelloSign, owned by Dropbox, is an electronic signature software you can use for any document, including NDAs, invoices, and other legal agreements.

Customers receive immediate support from the HelloSign team, which is important when dealing with time-sensitive documents. It even has templates to speed up workflows. 

All documents are stored and secured using a robust encryption system. Documents sent through HelloSign are tamper-proof and have signer access codes—a one-time verification code sent to the signer’s mobile phone for extra security. You can also integrate it with popular platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, Google Workspace, and Slack.


  • Dedicated mobile-app 
  • Unlimited signatures 
  • Integrations with 3rd-party apps
  • Good customer service 


  • No free version
  • Standard plan can only have four users 
  • A pricey subscription is required for all features 
  • Custom branding isn’t available in the starter plan


This is considered a great alternative to DocuSign with all the standard features, such as custom templates, document management, and audit trails. 

Billed yearly, the Essentials plan is $15/month for one user. The Standard plan is at $25/month for 2 users or more. There is also a Premium plan with custom pricing for more users and features. 

5. Adobe Sign


Adobe is one of the most popular and respected companies for documents. Due to its widespread reputation and being an enterprise itself, Adobe Sign is perfect for large businesses that deal with regular document transactions that need digital signatures. 

It also has default integrations with Word documents and other Microsoft applications. This makes it effortless to create, edit, and send documents. There’s no need for eSigners to sign up or download applications to complete documents.

Its powerful security and encryption system keeps your documents protected. With their thorough compliance certifications, documents are legally-binding as well. 


  • Very secure and encrypted 
  • Comprehensive audit trails 
  • Customizable forms and templates 
  • Widely known for high-quality software 


  • Expensive for occasional users 
  • Documents can’t be edited after sending  
  • Not suitable for beginners 


Adobe Sign lives up to its name and offers top-quality features for large enterprises that want digital signatures to be automated and seamless. With document tracking, audit trails, custom branding and templates, and cross-platform functionality, this is the preferred e-signature software for many larger businesses. However, it can be too expensive for SMBs.

Pricing starts at $12.99/month for the Acrobat Standard plan and $19.99/month for the Acrobat Pro plan. 

6. SignNow (AirSlate)

Sign Now

SignNow is the go-to electronic signature software for SMBs and small teams that want to focus on scaling the company and leave the hassle of digital transactions up to the software. 

This software has the most extensive and thorough cross-platform integrations. Anyone can get started using its tools, thanks to its minimalistic interface design. Unlike some eSignature software, SignNow has document merging capabilities, private cloud digital signature management, and team collaboration. 

It has a dynamic API that offers a free trial for complete functionality. With custom branding, a quick payment system backed by airSlate, and secure encryption, SignNow is one of the best software for digital signatures and complex organizations. 


  • Feature-rich software 
  • Versatile cross-platform integrations 
  • Multiple plans 
  • Strong API 


  • No free version
  • Payments feature requires a pricier subscription
  • Limited customer service 
  • Cheapest plan allows only 1 signer 


SignNow is effortless, straightforward, and secure for all digital signatures and transactions. With multiple features and integrations, this provides maximum value for what you pay. 

The Business plan is priced at $8/month and the Business Premium is priced at $15/month. For larger companies, its Enterprise plan is $30/month and the Business Cloud plan is priced at $50/month. 

7. SignWell 


If signing contracts and documents isn’t a daily thing for your business, then SignWell may be ideal for you. It’s the most affordable option for individuals and small businesses. 

Like all the other eSignature software on this list, digital signatures through SignWell are legally-binding and compliant. It has a simple user interface and intuitive document workflows that improve turnaround times. SignWell has a few common templates you can reuse and the option to turn any document into a template. 

Their audit reports are useful when multiple signatures are required, and you’d like to keep a proper record of them. It’s also convenient to get notifications so you can stay on top of the transaction at each stage. 


  • Free version available 
  • Audit reports that meet US law requirements 
  • Customizable APIs in Enterprise plan 
  • Convenient reminders and notifications of the document’s status 


  • Limited templates 
  • No custom branding option 
  • No cloud support 
  • No integrations possible 


Getting started with SignWell is as simple as signing up—however, you’ll need a subscription for heavier workloads. Go for this only if digital signatures aren’t a part of your daily business operations. 

SignWell’s Personal plan is priced at $8/month with slightly more features than the free version. The Business plan is priced at $24/month, and there’s an Enterprise plan with custom pricing for larger companies. 

Make an Informed Investment in Electronic Signature Software

Purchasing an electronic signature software subscription is the first step to improving your document workflows. But it’s essential to understand your business needs and the best eSignature tool for the job. 

So first, determine the volume of documents your business handles, who your clients and stakeholders are, and what features you need to execute document workflows. Then, look for the solution that’ll give you everything within your budget. 

Almost all new software has a learning curve, but a user-friendly solution with good customer support ensures your process runs smoothly. If you’re interested in cross-platform integration, then identify what devices, systems, and platforms are supported before committing. 

Docubee: The Go-to Electronic Signature Software for Businesses 

At the end of the day, businesses desire an all-around eSignature tool to operate document workflows. This is what makes Docubee the go-to for thousands of companies. 

We give you all the features you need, without the hefty price tag (or surprise bills). Our customer support is also personalize and human—we’re there whenever you need us. 

If you’re looking for a platform with easy-to-use templates, customizations, and integrations, then Docubee is the tool for you. 

Ready for one-click, tamper-proof, legally-binding signatures? Get your free trial today!