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West Florida Flames Soccer League Uses Docubee to Streamline COVID-19 Waivers

After COVID-19 quarantine restrictions were lifted, the West Florida Flames realized a need for document automation. With new rules and regulations in place, waivers were required by Florida Youth Soccer in order for players to get back on the field. With 2,500 active members wanting to return to the game, manually collecting and organizing these waivers would only waste time that could be spent on the field.

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About the Client

The West Florida Flames is a 501©3 not-for-profit organization registered in the State of Florida. Founded in 1975, West Florida Flames has become one of the largest youth soccer organizations in the state of Florida and in the Southeastern United States.  It boasts over 12,000 members and 5,000 players across the Tampa Bay area. Offering recreational, competitive, and adult soccer programs. West Florida Flames is dedicated to providing a positive and rewarding soccer experience for players of all ages and abilities.

“We collected about 1,000 waivers in three to four days. It’s completely streamlined the process for us. From a user standpoint, the experience has been pretty seamless. One of the greatest benefits of Docubee is that it helps me check to see who has and hasn’t completed a waiver on the spot. I can actually pull up the document, not just see a list of the people who have completed it.”
Melissa Howard, Club Administrator
The West Florida Flames currently use Docubee for waivers, but they are looking for ways to expand its use throughout the organization. In the future, they hope to streamline more manual processes with automation. Read their full story here.
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