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Collect information to use in contracts and agreements.

Create contracts swiftly through templates, AI, or create and edit your own.

Route contracts seamlessly for editing, review, and approval.

Easily work with internal and external participants to edit and redline contracts in real-time

Capture secure, compliant, and legally binding signatures on any device.

Connect to the systems you use daily, or build into your application with our APIs.

Create a New Workflow

A workflow is a “master plan” with all of the steps and transitions you’ll be using in your workflows.

Use the Workflow Library

  1. If you’re not in the main Docubee Dashboard, click the Library icon in the upper-left of the screen.
  2. Choose an assistant (E.g. “I need to have forms filled out”).
  3. Complete Step: Select Documents and Roles.
    • Supply a document you would like to fill out or have filled out, we support the following file types: DOCX, TIFF, JPG, PNG, BMP
    • You can designate up to 6 different roles. The order will be used to route the document or form for editing or reviewing.
  4. Complete Step: Prepare Document Fields & Assign Roles.
    • Use the tools above your document to scan for fields and to add your own fields, such as Signature, Initials, or Text boxes.
    • When you add a form field, you will be able to choose which role will be responsible for filling out the field.
  5. Complete the final step: Name Your Workflow & Add Enhancements
    • Choose a name to display in the dashboard to identify this workflow
    • Choose enhancements to this workflow (E.g. Digitally Certify Document to support legally binding electronic signatures)
  6. Finish workflow
  7. When the workflow is finished choose your next action; Run Workflow, Share, or Integrate into your Application

Choose “I’d like to create a new workflow from scratch”

  1. From the Workflow Library you can click the button below the assistant options to create your own custom workflow
  2. Click Insert First Task to start adding steps and transitions to your workflow.
  3. Choose the type of task to insert:
    • User Task
      • Web Form – adds a form allowing for fields to be added for a participant to complete during a running workflow
      • Fill and Sign – upload a document or form and create fields on it for signature, date, and other options
      • Create Document Form – reference a document that was previously uploaded to allow participants to add signature, date, or other fields in a Fill Document Form step
      • Edit Document – upload an OpenOffice document (.docx file extension) that can be viewed or edited in a running workflow
      • View File – reference a document that was previously uploaded so that a user can view it
    • Send & Save
      • Email – send email notifications to inform a user that they have a task to complete, or to let them know the status of a task
      • Export Document – exports a document to a SharePoint account (requires SharePoint account)
      • Export to Salesforce – exports a document to Salesforce (Salesforce credentials required)
      • Webhook – exports field information collected while running a workflow and sends the field values to a URL for integration to other applications
    • Event Task
      • Complete Workflow – complete a workflow that takes a particular path on a branch
      • Cancel Workflow – cancel a workflow that takes a particular path on a branch
      • Exclusive Branch – create multiple paths that a workflow can be directed to take one path
      • Parallel Branch – create multiple paths that a workflow can take each path simultaneously
      • Milestone – set milestones to mark important points of progress in a workflow
  4. You can then customize the name of the task in the right panel, edit the task (by either clicking the pencil icon of the task or choosing EDIT from the Task Actions dropdown), or delete it. This is also where you’ll choose the task assignee (the person who needs to complete the task in the workflow).
  5. Click the + above or below your task to add another task.
    • You can create a copy of a task to use in multiple places within your workflow:
      • Select the task you want to copy.
      • In the right panel, from the Task Actions dropdown, select COPY.
      • You’ll then click the + in the Designer where you want to paste the copy.
    • If you need to delete a task:
      • Select the task you want to delete.
      • In the right panel, from the Task Actions dropdown, select DELETE.
  6. Once you’ve added all of the steps your workflow needs, click PUBLISH to make it available to the group members.

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