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Combine Documents (Workflow Document Processing Task)

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Do you need to do the following and have all the documents combined into one PDF that can be downloaded?

  • Have a participant fill a document?
  • Use a web form to collect participant’s uploaded documents (e.g., driver’s license)?
  • Include documents added from previous tasks in a workflow?
  • Add an additional document to all of the above?
  • Rename a file after it has been signed?

If yes, then the Combine Documents task is for you!

Whether you need to complete, collect, add in documents from previous workflow tasks, or otherwise, the Combine Documents task will combine and organize your documents into a single, downloadable PDF file for streamlined management that maximizes your workflow potential.

In this article:

Before you Begin

You need to create a workflow.

Configure a Combine Documents Task

The resulting combined document of the Combine Documents task is a PDF and can be:

  1. In the workflow builder, click the + above or below an existing task.
  2. In the right sidebar, under Document Processing, select Combine Documents. This adds a Combine Documents task to your workflow.
  3. Click on the task, and in the right sidebar, you can configure the task.
  4. In General Configuration, enter the following:
    1. Task Label – The label that identifies the task. Modify the default task name from “Combine Documents” to a name that is more meaningful, descriptive, and helps identify the task.
      Note: These are listed as event names on the instance list History tab.
    2. Task Description – This is an optional description of the task.
  5. In Result Document, enter the following:
    1. Property NameThis is used to refer to the created document in later workflow steps.
    2. Document Name  – This is the filename for the combined document when it’s downloaded from Docubee. It can include form field properties.
      Note: When creating a file name, use characters that are compatible with standard file managers.
  6. In Add Fields, place fields on the document for users to complete.
    Note: You must select a document uploaded to this step directly to add and configure form fields on it.
  7. In the Configuration section on the left, you can specify the documents to combine:
    • Select an existing document – 
      • Dropdown displays available options in the workflow. Select the documents to combine.
      • The following items will be listed for inclusion into the combined document:
        • any combined documents from previous tasks
        • documents resulting from other tasks
        • previously uploaded documents
    • Drop File Here or Click to Upload – (e.g., a cover sheet or image)

    Note: The Configuration section on the left will display the selected documents. Drag and drop the documents to arrange the order for the PDF. Each uploaded document will have a three-dot button with the options to Replace Document or Delete Document. 

  8. Add an Email task with a download action button for the participant to download the combined document.
  9. Click Publish to save the changes and combine documents.
  10. Click Run to run the workflow.

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