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Press Release

OnTask Announces Updated Workflow Builder

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TAMPA, Fla. – In an ongoing effort to improve user-experience, OnTask, a workflow automation and eSignature tool, has announced the launch of their newly updated Workflow Builder. 

The OnTask team continuously releases product updates to ensure users can feel confident and self-sufficient in what they create. This major user interface update to the tool’s Workflow Builder is specifically aimed to give users more control and greater transparency into the workflows they build.

OnTask’s Workflow Builder is a no-code tool which allows users to automate their crucial business processes. Primarily used by small to mid-sized businesses, OnTask’s Workflow Builder is revered for its ease of use and advanced logic capabilities.

“We’ve always prioritized user experience,” says Steve Wilson, President of OnTask. “Many of our users are small and medium sized businesses who don’t have a lot of time on their hands, and we’re constantly looking for ways to simplify our product so they can build and edit workflows with confidence.”

Aiming to further enhance this experience, OnTask collected feedback from users on ways to improve their Workflow Builder. Users sought greater transparency into what they were creating and simplified editing capabilities.

Among the updated features include color-coded participant tracking, workflow health monitoring, a streamlined task editing experience, expanded help center content, and a new workflow search function.

“These new features are aimed to give users greater control and transparency over what they’re creating,” says Wilson. “Before, making edits to a large or complex workflow could be challenging, but the new color-coded participant tracking and search functions give our users the ability to find what they need easily. And, our updated task editor allows them to make edits to those tasks in no time.”

OnTask has helped small to mid-sized businesses across a variety of industries streamline the way they send documents, collect signatures, and execute crucial processes. The OnTask team is looking forward to the feedback from this latest release.

About OnTask
OnTask is a workflow automation tool that makes it easy for small to mid-sized businesses to digitally send and fill forms, get signatures on documents and automate overall business processes, saving time and resources. For more information on OnTask, visit