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Customize an Organization

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You can customize your organization branding for forms, workflows, and emails. You can include your organization name, URL, mail specifications, colors, logos, and fonts for a cohesive user experience.

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Before you Begin

  • You must be an organization owner to customize your organization branding.
  • If you are the owner of multiple organizations, you should first select the organization for which you want to customize the branding.

What Can You Customize?

The following aspects of an organization can be customized:

  • Name and URL
  • Mail settings
  • SSO
  • Site and email branding

You can access your organization settings to manage and customize it. There are two ways to access organization settings: 

  1. Log in to Docubee.
  2. Open the Organization | General tab by doing either of the following:
    • At the top right, click your profile avatar to open the menu and select Manage Organization.
    • At the bottom left, click Settings.

Organization Identity

  1. In the Organization | General tab’s Organization Identity section:
    1. Update the Organization Name.
    2. Update the Organization URL.
  2. Click Update Organization to save your changes.

For your convenience and easy access, the Organization Identity section includes URLs to the admin and login that can be copied to the clipboard for sharing.

  • Admin URL – Link intended for internal use that points directly to the settings page. 
  • Login URL- Link intended for internal use that points directly to a login page listing your Organization Name 

For more information, see the Rename an Organization article.

Mail Settings

Please read SMTP Configuration for information on customizing your email settings.

Organization Branding

Organization branding entails site branding and email branding.

  • In the Organization | General tab, scroll down to Organization Branding.
    It has the Site Branding and Email Branding tabs where you can customize those settings. Refer to Set Up Custom Branding for more information.

Note: Workspace brand settings take precedence over organization brand settings.

Workspace Branding

You can set different custom branding for each workspace within your organization.

To change your workspace branding, select the workspace, click Branding to open the accordion, update the site and email branding for any notifications sent from or assets accessed through Docubee. The settings for customizing a workspace are the same as those for customizing an organization.

Known Limitations

You need to be on the Contract Pro plan.

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