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Quick Sign with Expiration Dates

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Would you like to prevent your signer from signing a document after a certain date? Would you like them to be automatically reminded of the expiration date? Then, you should use the Expiration date option when setting up your Quick Sign (QS) process.

Adding an expiration date to a QS process allows you to stop a signer from being able to sign a document after that date. One day before the expiration date, a reminder is automatically presented to the signer in Docubee to alert them of the upcoming signing expiration date.

If a signer does not sign by the expiration date, the QS process is canceled.

In this article:

Set Expiration Date for Quick Sign Process

  1. In the Dashboard, select Get a Document Signed to open the Quick Sign modal.
  2. Upload a document or select a template.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Select Send and Sign, enter the signer’s Role, Email, and Name, use the toggle switches to set whether the signer should receive the finalized document(s) and/or attachment(s). Add additional signers and/or recipients as required.
    • Recipients will receive the finalized document after the QS process is completed.
    • You can choose to let them also receive attachments by using the toggle switch Receives all attachments.
    • After a document has been signed/completed, recipients will receive an email with a Download Signed Document button to download the finalized signed document. The download link expires in two weeks, we recommend you download it as soon as possible.
  5. Click Continue to open the Prepare Document modal.
    • In case you have multiple signers, you can assign fields to be completed by each signer. Click on a field and then select a signer from the Assign to Role dropdown. The color of the field changes to match that of the signer’s role.
  6. At the top right click Send For Signature.
  7. In the Finalize document modal, click on the Expiration dropdown menu and set your expiration date to one of the available options:

    • This process never expires.
    • Expires after a fixed amount of time – Set the Years, Months and Days to configure the duration.
    • Expires on a specific date – Click in the Expiration Date field to open a calendar where you can set the year, month, and date. Click Ok or Review My Fields.
      Note: If you click Review My Fields you are back on the Prepare Document modal where you can review your fields. When ready, click Send for Signature. In the Finalize Document modal that is displayed again. Your expiration settings will be as you had set it; you can still modify it.
  8. Click Send Now.
  9. Your document has been sent! If you send this document often, you can choose to save it as a template which would save you time assigning fields each time.
    • Enter a name for this template and click Save as Template.

The Signer’s Experience

Signers will receive an email informing them they have a document to review and sign. It includes a Review Document button that will navigate them to the document.

Note: You can also review it from your dashboard’s Quick Sign module or in the Documents page under Quick Sign.

  1. Select the workspace.
  2. From the list of QS processes, select the one to sign.
  3. In the right pane, under Recipients click the Sign Document link available to you.

  4. The document to sign is displayed. Sign the document and click Submit Document.
  5. The message, “Your document has been signed successfully”, is displayed.

View QS Process Details

  1. From the Documents | Quick Sign section, select a QS process to view its details in the right pane. The details include who it’s from, when it expires / has expired, the other recipients, and their statuses.
    Note: One day before expiry the right pane details will include the message, ‘This process is expiring soon.’.
  2. If you have been provided access to the finalized document, you can click:
    • Preview Document to view the document
    • Download Document to download it.

Cancel QS Process

  1. From the Documents | Quick Sign section, select a QS process to cancel.
  2. Click the cancel process button (stop icon) at the right end of the QS process instance.
  3. You will be prompted to confirm your intent to cancel the QS process by clicking Cancel Signature Process.
    This QS process will now have a canceled status.

Manage Recipients

If you are an admin, you can click on the gear icon (to open/close the Admin Actions accordion) for any recipient and do the following:

  • reassign this document to another recipient, 
  • resend the email for the current recipient, and/or 
  • generate a link and send it to a recipient if they are having trouble accessing their email. Click the Generate Link button to copy the link to the clipboard. The ‘Text copied to clipboard’ message is displayed.
    • You can paste the link and send it to the recipient. 

Known Limitations

Only admins can cancel a QS process.

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