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Getting Started: Using Quick Sign from Docubee

OnTask’s Quick Sign feature makes getting signatures on documents simple for everyone involved. Continue reading for a step-by-step guide to getting important documents signed with our secure and legally binding eSignature tool.


From your dashboard, click on the “Get a Document Signed” button (Quick Sign icon for mobile), which is near the top of the page. Next, you’ll want to upload a document that you need to be signed. 

Self Signing and Sending for Signature

Once your document is uploaded, you can choose a workspace for it to be assigned to and then click continue. Now, it’s time to choose who will be signing. You can either sign documents yourself or send them out to be signed by multiple recipients by clicking either the “Sign it myself” button or the “Send and Sign” button, respectively.

Self Signing

If you’re doing a self-sign, select “Sign it Myself” and click the “Sign Now” button, which will take you to the self-sign screen. On this screen, you can stamp your signature and initials, or place custom text directly onto the document. There are also additional editing features like whiteout and blackout you can use to edit the document. Once you’ve finished signing or making edits, click the “Finish and Download” button. All of your responses will be burned into the document, and you can send or store the finalized copy however you please

Sending  for Signature

If you are sending for signature, select the “Send and Sign” button, which will prompt you to enter the emails of those who will be signing, if you want them to receive a finalized document, if you want them to require a password, and/or if you want to add recipients to just receive the finalized document.

Once you’ve made your selection, hit the “Continue” button. When you click this, you can view the document and place any fields you’d like to be completed, such as signature fields, date fields, or even initials. You can also hit the “Scan for Fields” button, which will automatically detect fields and put them on the document for you. You can always add, remove, or modify form fields once scanning is complete. 

For documents that require a signature, be sure to toggle on the “Required” selection. Click on your signature box, to view options, toggle on required signing, and adjust assignees.

Once all your fields are set to your liking, you can hit the “Send for Signature” button to continue and then click the “Send Now” button on the confirmation pop-up.

Access Your Sent Quick Sign Documents

If you’d like to view documents you’ve sent for signature, simply go back to your dashboard and click the “View Sent Documents” button under “Quick Sign”. Here you can see all documents that have been sent for signature between your workspaces as well as their progress.

Need help getting started with quick signs? Reach out to us with any questions and the Docubee customer success team will be happy to help you.