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How to Create a Health Screening Form in Docubee

Published: January 13, 2021
How To Create a Health Screening Form

Health screening forms have always been vital to the healthcare and fitness industries. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has propelled them to the front of everyone’s minds,  making them a necessity for a myriad of new industries. Health screening forms are used to gather patient information, screen for pre-existing conditions and recently, to pre-screen workers or customers for COVID symptoms before having clearance to enter a business or return to work.

Continue reading to learn a little more about digital health screenings and how easy it is to create your own within Docubee.


The Benefits of Digital Health Screenings

OnTask’s digital health screening forms are a safe way to screen employees or customers coming into your business during the pandemic. Going digital with Docubee saves time, lowers costs and reduces errors. Some of the other great benefits include:

  • Accessibility from anywhere
  • Limiting in-person contact
  • Easy fill & sign for customers
  • Instant form routing upon submission
  • HIPAA compliant signatures

How to Easily Create Your Health Screening Form

Building your first health screening form in Docubee is simple. Take a look at these best practices for creating your health screening and use these tips to get started:

Creating a new workflow

To begin, select “I’d like to create a new workflow or web form from scratch.”

Create a health screening workflow step

In the next screen, click “insert first task” and select the web form button. This is where you’ll be able to start gathering customer information.

Adding headings and form fields

Next, click the pencil icon on the web form to add fields and make edits. Under the general tab you can add a heading to your form. The form fields section allows you to place a variety of different fields for things like participant name, email, temperature checks, symptom-related questions, date filled and more.

Insert a form field in health screening workflow

Field data types within Docubee include:

  • Single line text
  • Multi-line text
  • Multiple choice
  • Simple checkbox
  • Date picker
  • Checkbox
  • File upload
  • Group heading
  • instruction

Each field can be designated as required or not required. For single text fields you can also define what the data type is, including email, number, currency, phone, text URL or zip code.

When adding fields to your form, we recommend defining both the field label and property name. The field name is the text participants will see when filling out the form, so it should explain what you want them to do. For example, if you’d like a customers email, the label “your email” would work perfectly.

Adding a property name that is easy to remember is also important. Defining a property name is important in case you’d like to auto-fill information, send an automatic email or add conditional logic later in your workflow. Using “email” or “customer email” is one example of a good property name, however they can be named whatever you’d like.

Protip: You can break questions into multiple steps by adding multiple web forms to your health screening workflow. 

Using conditional logic in your health screening workflow

Adding conditional logic to your workflow allows you to give users different options based on their responses. For example, if a user answers “yes” to having a fever above 100.0 degrees, they can be given a screen that tells them to stay home from work. If they answer “no” they could be taken to the next screening question steps in the form. Learn more about using conditional logic here.

Add conditional logic to form fields

Adding signatures to your health screening form

Most users tend to add a signature step to the end of their workflow to verify that participants have answered all of the questions truthfully. This can be done by adding a signature step to your workflow. All signatures captured in Docubee are secure and HIPAA compliant. 

Sharing your health screening form and reviewing responses

There are a number of dynamic delivery options available to share your health screening form once it’s complete including email, SMS text message, via QR code, a shareable link or a bulk send at whichever frequency you need.

Protip: If customers will be entering the lobby of your business to fill out their health screening, using a QR code allows them to scan and access your form right from their phone.

Once participants complete your health screening form, all instances will be available in your dashboard for you to review and download.


Get Started with Your Own Health Screening Form Today

Screening patients, customers and employees can be easy with the right tools. Docubee can transform your process to make collecting health screening info stress-free and lower risk of exposure. If you have questions, contact our solutions team and we can help you get started.

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