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Getting Started: How to Manage Organizations

Knowing how to manage your Docubee organization is essential to becoming a Docubee pro. Continue reading for information on making edits to organizations, workspaces, and members within your Docubee account.


Accessing Organization Settings

Simply click the “Manage Organization” button, found in the upper right-hand corner of your screen under your organization name, to access your organization settings. From here you can create and change your organization name and your custom URL under the “Organization Identity” section.

Configuring Mail Settings

In your organization settings, under the “Mail Settings” section you can also configure your mail settings. You can adjust your settings so that any notifications sent from Docubee come from your own mail server.


Adding Custom Branding

Under the “Organization Branding” section you can add your own custom branding and logos to the forms shown on your site and any emails sent from Docubee.


Transferring Your Organization

Changing positions or leaving your company doesn’t have to be a hassle when it comes to transferring your or other employees’ Docubee ownership. In the “Transfer Organization” area, click the checkbox acknowledging that you understand and want to transfer your organization. You will be promoted to designate a member as the owner.


Deleting Your Organization

In the “Delete Organization” section, you can also delete your entire organization. Doing so will remove all access to the organization and any of your workflows, as well as cancel any workflows you currently have in progress. To delete your organization, click the checkbox acknowledging that you understand and click the “Delete Organization” button.


Creating a New Workspace

Before we dive into creating your new workspace, it’s essential to understand what a workspace is. Workspaces in Docubee can be thought of as different segments of your organization. Workspaces contain workflows and members, which make them the perfect way to separate the various departments in your company with specialized access to the right employees. Remember, you can have as many workspaces as you want in your organization.

To create a new workspace, simply click the “+ Create Workspace” button under “Workspace Management” under the left sidebar in your organization settings. You will be prompted to add a name and dropped into the settings of that new workspace.


Updating Workspace Information

If you have multiple workspaces, be sure to select the one you’d like to make edits to. Under the “General” area, you can update the workspace name and contact email. Simply click the “General” tab to make changes. You can also view all of your available workspaces in this area.


Workspace Members

Under the “Members” tab you can manage, invite, and delete members within your workspace. Once new members have accepted your invitation, you can make any changes as necessary. Please note, only owners or admins have the ability to add members to the workspace.


Setting Custom Branding for Workspaces

You can set different custom branding for each workspace within your organization. To change your workspace’s branding, simply click “Branding”. Just like your organization branding, you can update the site and email branding for any notifications sent from or assets accessed through Docubee.


Managing Workspace API Tokens

Click the “Access Tokens” section to generate and manage all of your workspace API tokens. You can also manage all associated permissions in this area.


Setting Up Webhooks

In the “Webhooks” section, you can add new webhooks. Webhooks allow you to securely send and share workflow data and documents with external servers or integrations you’ve set up.


Need help getting started? Reach out to us with any questions and the Docubee customer success team will be happy to help you.