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Overview of Organizations, Workspaces, and Members

Let’s get an overview of organizations, workspaces, and members!

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An organization is an entity that usually corresponds with your company. It is made up of workspaces and members. To prevent confusion, we recommend that you name your organization so it directly relates to your business’ name. 

Note: We recommend you refrain from using ‘Default Organization’ as your organization name since it will be confusing for you when you have to identify/differentiate one organization and its elements from another.

Organization Members

  • You can add as many members to your organizations as your plan supports.
  • You can promote members to be organization administrators and they will have some administrator privileges at the organization level; they can do everything an owner can except transferring, deleting and editing an organization.
  • A member must be part of the organization before they can be added to workspaces of that organization.

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Workspaces are created within an organization. It corresponds to how you group individuals within your company – departments, project teams, or other grouping. It allows specific access to its members. You can have multiple workspaces in an organization.

Workflows, documents, forms, contracts, and quick signs are created and run at the workspace level.

Actions bound to the workspace level:

  • Workflows – When you create and run workflows, it is within the context of a workspace. 
  • Integrations – Integrations to Zapier or other 3rd party applications can be made at the workspace level. This security aspect should be taken into consideration when defining workspaces.
  • API access tokens – When you generate API access tokens, it is bound to the workspace level.

Workspace Members

  • A member must be part of the organization before they can be added to its workspaces.
  • You can add as many members to workspaces as you have in your organization.
  • Members may be part of multiple workspaces.
  • You can promote members to be workspace administrators; they will have some administrator functions/privileges available throughout the site.

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Members are Docubee users who can log in, access the dashboard, and perform tasks based on their privileges. 

Note: People who participate in your workflows are not required to be members.

Member Privileges

Member privileges vary based on whether you are an owner, admin, or simply a member. The privilege levels determine the actions you can perform.

  • An organization owner can create an organization and manage it, manage the workspaces and its members. They control how the organization is exposed to end users.
    Note: Any member can create a new organization and will be its owner.
  • An organization admin can create and manage workspaces, and its members. They can add themselves and others as members or workspace admins to a workspace. They can control what an organization can do and who has access to it. 
  • A workspace admin can edit the workspace and manage its members. They have additional options such as the ability to resend emails and reassign tasks.
  • Members act on what admins have created.

    • can
      • launch workflows
      • send documents for Quick Sign
    • can not
      • make documents, contracts, workflows
      • edit documents, contracts, workflows
      • edit a form
      • delete documents, contracts, workflows, forms

Note: Contact us to get Forms and/or Contracts features.

Comparison of Owner and Admin Management Privileges

Privilege Organization Owner Organization Admin Workspace Admin
Organization Privileges
Create organization

Edit organization

Delete organization

Transfer organization

Add(invite)/remove/promote/demote members in an organization 

Workspace Privileges
Create workspace

Edit workspace

Delete workspace

Add(invite)/remove/promote/demote members in a workspace

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